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Stepping into the new #spring #ootd #variety


We’re stepping into new spring season , but I can’t get enough with the boots, just like I’m 25 and I love watching Tom&Jerry. The people on the street are watching me with this is she crazy look, but I can’t stop smiling. Maybe because I secretly live to provoke (let’s stay a secret), or maybe because that’s the perfect Saturday, which started with a quarrel, then a reconciliation, then the usual weekend tour in Sofia, when I fall in love with my town again and again…and with my husband again and again. 🙂

We tried a new places, pet a lots of cats, drank cappuccino,  laughed out loud and talk. It’s so simple to be happy and satisfied sometimes.

So use this spring mood to try something new. „The beauty of the universe consists not only of unity in variety, but also of variety in unity“, said Umberto Eco in „The Name of the Rose“.


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