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2019 and the oldest living city in Europe

This was my 5th or 6th visit to Plovdiv and yup, it is the the oldest living city in Europe and also the sixth oldest in the world. According to Lost in Plovdiv, the town is assumed to have been founded fist settled around 4000 BC, but according to some archaeologists at the same place, there was an even older settlement, which was settled about 6000 years BC. FYI the oldest city in the world – Jericho was settled around 9000 BC. Besides, Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city chosen to be European Capital of Culture.

But enough with the facts. 🙂

It’s been a crazy period. Wake up, workout, quick coffee, work, university, home stuff…. – repeat. A few weeks before the end of the year I felt asleep at 6 pm on Friday and woke up at 9 pm on Saturday. That’s why I needed a big rest. Physical and mental.


Well, I got it. 17 days vacation during Christmas holidays.

Last year I had a few things to be proud of and one of them was the fact that me and a group of friends achieved the total adult life goal by planning the New Year’s Eve in August. As a girl who a few years ago had no idea what will happen to her in the future incl. where will I live or work the next month, this little thingy was a totally big deal. You need to work for your mature attitude – fake it till you make it. But being truly, madly, deeply to myself this decision was made completely spontaneous in the summer of 2018. We rented an apartment and this is how it started.  The result was аn eclecticism between the beloved hygge coziness and the the excitement to be in a new placе, in different situations.

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized how many foreigners there were on New Year’s Eve and how many great blog posts about Plovdiv are written. These are some of them:  Plovdiv Bulgaria Travel Guide, the European Capital of Culture 2019 by Charlie Marchant, 15 Awesome Things to Do in Plovdiv by Diana Chen, Plovdiv, Bulgaria: A Must-Visit Balkan City  by Goats On The Road, etc.

As a conclusion I can say that I met 2019 surrounded by a great choices in the middle of the plan and the improvisation. Sometimes that’s all you need – а variety of emotions and images.










Camera: Canon EOS 4000D
Hat: Zara,Scarf: local store, Coat: Esprit ,Handbag: O bag, Boots: HM
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