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How important is to be earnest #WhySoSerious

I’m not gonna start pathetically with something like „omg it’s been ages since my last post“; I thought a lot about my posting frequency and think that when something is a hobby we don’t have to ruin it with deadlines and stress. Aaand „quality over quantity“, of course. 🙂


Today I’m gonna point something which everyone sees on a daily bases – the cowardly behavior which sooner or later turns into a pretended seriousness.

Life has a way of turning you into a coward, says Isaiah Hanke, When you’re young, you have unlimited energy. As soon as you learn to walk, you spend nearly every waking moment learning, discovering, and testing your limits. You try to touch hot surfaces, stick your fingers into light sockets, and jump off of couches. Then you move outside. You climb trees, jump off roofs, and dive off of rocks. This behavior is wired into you. In fact, without adventure, childhood development is slowed. You were meant to test your limits. The problem is this behavior tends to die off in adulthood. We’re told by mediocre teachers to sit still and to get along. We’re taught and conditioned to accept limits without testing them anymore. Eventually, these limits crowd in on us until we can’t move. They suffocate us because we stop testing them. Our brains slow down. We stop taking risks. We turn into cowards.

The modern coward buys into mainstream excuses and thinks it’s ok because everyone else believes the same. I could say that the collectivism is the best comfort zone for that kind a behavior. The problem here is that the evolution eventually will stop. Let’s  bring the tape back to the stone Age. Which one survives? Not this one who cares about the feelings of the saber-toothed cat, but the strongest. Sadly as far as I observe the things surrounding me, the coward attitude (if this is an attitude at all) is the most tolerated one. And cowards create more and more cowards. More „Serious people“.

Which are signs of you becoming a coward? I can point the following: Fear honesty, taking on a challenge alone and strong people. And isn’t this the saddest thing in the world? To live in a sterile cell where everything imitates happiness.

This is to motivate you never to stop defending your ideas and interests, because no one will do it instead of you, trust me. The conformism will only make you weaker without even feeling it.

So I wish everyone of you to have а week to be grateful for and stay strong.




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