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4 Tips For Better Work-Life Balance #Wednesday

Hello there, sweethearts! 🙂 How are you doing in the middle of this week? I may not be the one with the most regular blog posts but you can always write me if you need someone to listen to you. I will be glad to hear your thoughts and to communicate with you. So if you want to do it do not hesitate to write me in IG, where you can find me as piece.of.denise or if you prefer to be anonymous – The sky is the limit so are the topics and I’ll be very happy if I have chance to talk with you.

Aaand back to the Work-Life Balance.

As a newbie at work I never thought that I was going to assist with the newsletter of my department but I was surprised in a good way. The highlight is (of course!) work-life balance which is really relevant for me especially when I’m trying to be a blogger 😀

The tips in the Forbes article were a lot more but I choose those which I found as the best eye openers.

There is the list:

1. Let go of perfectionism

It’s easier to maintain that perfectionist habit as a kid, but as you grow up, life gets more complicated. As you climb the ladder at work and as your family grows, your responsibilities also grow. Perfectionism becomes out of reach, and if that habit is left unchecked, it can become destructive, says executive coach Marilyn Puder-York, PhD, who wrote The Office Survival Guide.

2. Unplug


Make quality time true quality time. By not reacting to the updates from work, you will developing a stronger habit of resilience. “Resilient people feel a greater sense of control over their lives,” says the professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School Robert Brooks,

3. Exercise and meditate

Even when we’re busy, we make time for the crucial things in life. We eat. We go to the bathroom. We sleep. And yet one of our most crucial needs – exercise – is often the first thing to go when our calendars fill up. Exercise is an effective stress reducer. It pumps feel-good endorphins through your body. It helps lift your mood and can even serve a one-two punch by also putting you in a meditative state, according to the Mayo Clinic.

4. Limit time-wasting activities and people

First, identify what’s most important in your life. This list will differ for everyone, so make sure it truly reflects your priorities, not someone else’s. Next, draw firm boundaries so you can devote quality time to these high-priority people and activities.
To some, this may seem selfish. “But it isn’t selfish,” says Robinson. “It’s that whole airplane metaphor. If you have a child, you put the oxygen mask on yourself first, not on the child.” When it comes to being a good friend, spouse, parent or worker, “the better you are yourself, the better you are going to be in all those areas as well.”


I try to implement them in my life but if I have to be honest it’s not so easy. Do you also have the same struggle?

I hope you’re doing it better than me. Let’s go to work now.

with love


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